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Chutes and Ladders – Business Planning

“Back to square one” ~ Economic Journal – 1952 ~ Do you recall the board games you played as a child? Do you look at your school, work, or business experiences and think of the lessons taught in those games?  While working with students I am reminded of these games. The business plan brings to […]

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Enjoy and relish your time with Now ~ Laura Leigh Guillaume ~ What Now? What is Now? A point on that timeline that eludes us, that moves with us. Now is our constant companion, our ally, pal, commandant, who never leaves us. She shares with us the fun, sad, happy, and stressful times in our […]

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5 Other Reasons to Create Business Plan and Prepare

5 Other Reasons to Create Business Plan

By Failing to Prepare, You are Preparing to Fail. ~ Benjamin Franklin ~ I read articles discussing the whys and why not’s around Business Planning. You will find that most use hard facts supported by a list of statistics attached to support their opinion.  I would like to take a little different approach. While I […]

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Finding your Passion, Purpose, and Profession

Finding your Passion, Purpose, and Profession

Allow your Passion to become your Purpose and it will one day become your Profession ~ Gabrielle Bernstein ~ The discovery of your essential passion is the merger of your inherent talent and aptitude with the execution of them with enjoyment and pleasure. Some refer to this occurrence as being in your element. As Sir […]

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SWOT an honest conversation

I recall my first SWOT analysis being a real eye opener. I had worked hard researching the market, gathering industry statistics, and exploring the trends. I studied all my competitors gathering the details about their size, revenues, products, and services. I was impressed with my thoroughness and attention to detail. I made fancy charts and […]

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Take a trip to Entrepreneurship

Starting a new business venture is both thrilling and frightening. Many of us aspire to create a successful and satisfying company, that customer’s will value and respect. That is the thrill of the adventure, but we also hear about the business failures. We are told the top reasons businesses fail are: Insufficient Capital Poor Management […]

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Business Contracts

What are Business Contracts

Every new business venture starts with business contracts. When you start a business, you need customer service agreements, lease agreements, or you are signing a vendor contract. You are introduced to business contracts almost immediately. Hence, my first bit of advice, to any budding business entrepreneur, is to invest time and some dough to find […]

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Moments of Uncertainty

Stop the presses! Are you having a moment of uncertainty? Feeling like this is too much to take on? Thinking that you may be in over your head? Well let me tell you, that you are in good company. All entrepreneurs have these moments. If I tell you this will pass and go away, I […]

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What to do with an Epiphany?

Have you ever had an epiphany? You know one of those “Aha” moments when you have a good idea, the next “Hula-hoop” or “Pet Rock”! You could be right. I’m sure Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg had that moment. Ok great, now what? Well, the first thing I do is brainstorm with a trusted friend. […]

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