Moments of Uncertainty

Stop the presses! Are you having a moment of uncertainty? Feeling like this is too much to take on? Thinking that you may be in over your head? Well let me tell you, that you are in good company. All entrepreneurs have these moments. If I tell you this will pass and go away, I would be lying to you. These feelings of uncertainty will subside and you will get another burst of momentum and drive, but the nagging moments of doubt will remain, as they should!

Many years ago, I was in the throes of starting a new company, when the unthinkable happened. A lawsuit was thrown at the company. I was horrified! I cried and whined to all that would listen. “This lawsuit is base-less, frivolous, I should counter sue!” I was consumed with self-pity. Finally, it dawned on me that all this effort on pissing and moaning was a waste of time. I should be spending my time working on fixing the issue for my employees, suppliers, customers, and most of all me. How can I do this? Well the simple facts worked just fine! Funny part was that anyone who knew us knew it was frivolous. I just had to spend a little extra time alleviating concerns by being thorough, making contracts more supportive of the situation and sharing the facts of the case. The company moved on to be very successful.

Five years later, we settled and got an apology from the new CEO who acknowledged that he knew it was a frivolous suit. Phew! We made it! I look back and think if I had continued with my self-pity and self-doubt versus rising above it wouldn’t have ended up so favorable for the company. Surely, we would not have become a successful software business and not number 215 in Inc. 500’s fastest growing companies.

I have owned numerous businesses and each one carried the same burden. There are many sleepless nights, beating my head against the wall, and lots of pulling my hair out. With all the strife and agony, brilliant ideas and revelations arise. These ongoing doubting moments keep you balanced and make sure you are “Thinking Thru” the critical decisions. They make you eat some humble pie and push you out the door to take on the challenges that will only make you stronger as you overcome each one!

Hang in there, don’t give up! With each low moment there arises a step up into a better understanding and further clarity.

Laura Guillaume

Laura Guillaume is a serial entrepreneur, author, and business mentor. She is focused on enabling budding entrepreneurs to succeed in new business ventures. She has created a toolset of materials to help them plan, execute, operate, and eventually exit a business endeavor.
Laura started and operated numerous businesses from restaurants to software /consulting organizations. Some of the businesses were more successful than others each having significant learning experiences that she wishes to share. The last business venture was the most successful, sold in 2010 it landed 215th of Inc. magazines 500 fastest growing companies, and had a significant impact in its industry.
Laura is hoping that this new venture “Think it Thru” will assist her in accomplishing her last business goal of giving back to other entrepreneurs. will be a non-profit company built to teach, encourage, and assist business startup ventures to be successful.

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