Enjoy and relish your time with Now

~ Laura Leigh Guillaume ~

What Now? What is Now? A point on that timeline that eludes us, that moves with us. Now is our constant companion, our ally, pal, commandant, who never leaves us. She shares with us the fun, sad, happy, and stressful times in our lives. Now is there for us; all she wants is to be cherished, enjoyed, and loved.

Often times, we overlook Now for her counterparts, Past and Future! Past is often focused on, missed, and forlorn over. Future is wished for, excited about, and looked forward to. Both get more attention than they deserve and neither is there for you the way Now is.

So maybe today you should celebrate Now! Let her know how much you value her. Enjoy Now, love Now, and embrace Now! She will be thankful and give you lots of happiness in your time with her Now!

Laura Guillaume

Laura Guillaume is a serial entrepreneur, author, and business mentor. She is focused on enabling budding entrepreneurs to succeed in new business ventures. She has created a toolset of materials to help them plan, execute, operate, and eventually exit a business endeavor.
Laura started and operated numerous businesses from restaurants to software /consulting organizations. Some of the businesses were more successful than others each having significant learning experiences that she wishes to share. The last business venture was the most successful, sold in 2010 it landed 215th of Inc. magazines 500 fastest growing companies, and had a significant impact in its industry.
Laura is hoping that this new venture “Think it Thru” will assist her in accomplishing her last business goal of giving back to other entrepreneurs. will be a non-profit company built to teach, encourage, and assist business startup ventures to be successful.

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