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Customers and Demographics
Connie Quinlan answered 2 months ago

How do you define your customer? What are the elements of the demographics?

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Laura Guillaume Staff answered 2 years ago

Your customer represents your target market. The target market is the “Who” that you sell to. You must know who they are or you will not be able to market to them. You have to know what they like and dislike. Ask yourself these questions about your company’s customers.

  1. What age group are they in? (kids, teens, young adults, elderly, etc. or specific age range)
  2. What gender are they? (feel free to estimate a % of each – 80% female, 20% male)
  3. What types of occupations do they have? (trade, professional, all)
  4. What is their marital status? (single, married, divorced, etc.)
  5. What income levels are they in? (low, middle, upper)
  6. What level of education do they have? (high school, trade school, college, masters, PhD)
  7. Where do they live? (city, rural, suburbs, etc.)
  8. What do they read? What music they like? What activities they participate in? (interests)
  9. What kind of lifestyle to they have? (healthy, outdoorsy, travelers, etc.)
  10. How do they communicate? (phone, email, txt, tv, mail, etc.)

This is what is coined as the term “Customer Demographics” in Marketing. Demographics are the statistical characteristics of human populations, such as age, gender, occupation, used by a business to pinpoint the market for their products or services.